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2004-02-09 - 10:33 p.m.

It�s sad that the last time I wrote an entry in here was almost exactly a year ago. Ok, more than sad, it�s kinda creepy. But I got a notice today from Andrew about the fact that my gold membership is going to run out in 30 days, and I found that kind of ironic too, seeing as I haven�t written in here in�.a year. But honestly, Yelnad paid for it, so I do feel bad. Especially because when she did it, I was all about writing in here regularly, and I think at the time I was, or close enough. More than she was anyway hehe

I�ve been told before that often my entries are way too long to read (Phantom??) so I�ve decided to keep this short, if for no other reason than the fact that it�s getting close to bed time and I still haven�t started my homework for tomorrow yet. Oops

Ok, basically here�s the scoop. I�m back in school for my final semester. Thank god it�s almost over, except for the fact that it�s become a total clusterfuck (that�s been the new word lately) to get clinic organized and actually get clients signed up so that we can get our 150 hours by the time we graduate in May. It�s interesting to say the least.

At the moment I have a boy, named Joe. Joe is different. He�s a corrections officer, and he works nights. It kinda makes things difficult sometimes. We don�t hang out too often. Especially lately, but that�s more my fault. The thing with Joe is that he can be a dick, and he knows and admits that that is how he is. He often thinks it�s funny to purposefully piss people off. I don�t find it as funny when it�s me. I have a temper, and I�ve admitted this to him. Unfortunately, I�ve let it get to me a little too much lately, so it makes me not want Joe around much. We�ll see if Joe ends up being around much longer.

And then there�s work. I�m only working about 30+ hours a week, around four days a week. But it�s stressful as always even though I love my job. The amount of stupidity and laziness that is in that place is disgusting. And I�m getting sick of it. Not the job, just the stupid people. And now I have to make the decision in the next week if I want to take the MIT job, which is the position right below the manager, considered the �manager in training.� This is a big deal and really the only way I can take it is if I don�t plan on moving for another year or two. Which may or may not happen. It�s a big decision, and I still need to talk to my parents and Yelnad about the whole thing.

That�s enough for now. I�m going to seriously try to keep this up again, just for the plain fact that I�ve been going crazy lately and eventually Nic�s ear is gonna start bleeding from all my complaining. :(

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